Now serving Nitro Coffee

Now on tap...

Nitro Coffee and Nitro Soda!

One of the "coolest" new coffee trends in the nation!

What is Nitro Coffee?

It's cold-brewed coffee served on tap – like a beer. But rather than CO2 it uses nitrogen, which has a smoother texture and less acidity. Compared to most cold brews, this version is crisper and slightly sweeter (many people think it tastes creamy, even though it's actually just "black" coffee).

Is it alcoholic?

No! It's just coffee that's brewed and served a different way.

Is it stronger than drip coffee?

Yes! It's more concentrated than regular drip coffee (but not as concentrated as espresso). That means there's more flavor (and caffeine) per ounce when compared to drip coffee... so the serving size is a bit smaller.

How is it served?

We recommend enjoying chilled Nitro Coffee in a frosted glass. Ice is optional. Of course we do have plastic to-go cups if you need to grab 'n go!