Top 10 Reasons You'll Prefer Fusion Over Starbucks

Top 10 Reasons You'll Prefer Fusion Over Starbucks

1. Brewed for Mississippi’s palate, not Seattle’s

We Southerners have different tastes than people in Washington state. We like sweet tea and fried catfish – and we don’t like burnt coffee! Starbucks coffee is the same everywhere, but we roast our coffee to suit the local taste preference.

2. Fresh coffee tastes better

Our coffee is roasted in small batches every week just a few miles away. That means the coffee we’re serving is ultra-fresh. The closest Starbucks roasting facility is over 500 miles away!

3. No attitude, no crazy lingo

We don’t use silly lingo and made-up words. We don’t call a medium a “grande” – we call it "medium." You may not know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, and that’s OK! We love helping people learn about coffee and discover their perfect drink!

4. Save money

Most people agree that Starbuck$ can be a little pricey. Well we think so, too! That’s why you’ll find the prices at Fusion noticeably lower across the board!

5. Fastest Wi-Fi in town

Our fiber internet service is up to twice as fast as what you'll get at Starbucks.

6. Live jazz

Once a month we host the Fusion Coffeehouse Jazz Series, which features some of Mississippi’s best professional jazz artists. And every April we host the Township Jazz Festival, an outdoor all-day event featuring top talent from Mississippi, New Orleans, Memphis and beyond. Best of all, admission is free to both the monthly series and the annual festival!

7. Gelato Italian Ice cream

During our long Mississippi summers you can cool down with some authentic Italian gelato – which is like ice cream, but BETTER (half the fat!). Try it with a shot of espresso on top for a little extra kick!

8. Free computer access

One of the “perks” we offer paying customers is access to our in-store iMacs. Take a break from squinting at the news on your phone and pull up a chair at our computer bar to surf the web on a big, beautiful 21” screen!

9. Frappes made with real stuff, not fake powders

If your prefer your coffee sweet and blended, you’re in for a treat! Our frappes are made with fresh espresso, real ice cream and authentic flavors. And guess what? That means they will taste better AND have fewer calories than those "Frappuccinos."

10. Quick options for lunch and breakfast

Start the day with a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit, a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, or some Maple Almond Oatmeal. Or stop by at lunch for a quick sandwich – like our Turkey Bacon Swiss Panini or our Homemade Chicken Salad on Croissant.

Bonus: Spending local helps our community!

When you shop local it makes a difference in our community. Nearly 70% of the money you spend at a locally owned business stays right here in Mississippi, while only about 40% of the money spent at national chains stays here.

Stats from Local First's "Local Works" study by Civic Economics