Live sessions on the Jazz Spot at Fusion Coffeehouse


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Next Jazz Session
Sunday, May 20
3:00-5:00 p.m.

Adib Owens Sabir

On the heels of the most successful Township Jazz Festival to date we settle back into the business of our monthly sessions on the "Jazz Spot" at Fusion Coffeehouse. Each month (except April) our host Raphael Semmes visits with some of the most talented musicians in the Metro, Mississippi, or anywhere,for that matter. And this month, he visits with one of the most versatile when Adib Owens Sabir comes to call.

"Well, Adib has done just about everything and done it well. He's been a football player, an actor, a percussionist, a singer, a loving husband, a father, and a son. And while most of us know him primarily as a singer, the last two may have had the most influence on him" says Raphael. "When Adib set out to record (his debut solo cd) "Songs for My Father" he knew right away that he would dedicate it to his Father. He even included his Dad's likeness on the cover. What a tribute from a Son." And perhaps that special relationship is what forged Adib's ability to connect throughout his life with people... musicians, bandmates, friends, fans... entire audiences. So when asked to perform this month at the Fusion Coffeehouse Jazz Series, it made perfect sense when he told Raphael "I'd like to perform my CD live at Fusion." And that includes most (or all) of the musicians who recorded with him.

"I became aware of Adib in the 70's when he was part of 'Natural High,' one of the funkiest, jazziest, and most amazing groups to ever come out of here" says Raphael. "Afterwards, he was everywhere singing and playing with the top musicians in the area... Jewel Bass and 'These Days,' Chris Gill, Chalmers Davis, 'Paperclip Scientists,' Patrick Smith, and the list goes on. But then, along came 'The Vamps' and Adib became a household name."

So on Sunday, May 20th, we want you to come on over to "our house"... Fusion Coffeehouse... and pull up the most comfortable seat you're lucky enough to find. (Come early!) We'll have plenty of the best coffee in the Metro for you. And "Deeb" on the Jazz Spot.

11th annual Jazz Festival
April 21, 2018

Our most successful festival yet!

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed an incredible day of music, food, and fun! We had an impressive turnout for our stellar lineup. Mr. Benny Golson and his quartet were incredible, as were Astral Project, Russell Welch, Aurora Nealand, the Vamps, Southern Komfort and more. Here are some scenes from the day...

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