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Sunday, Aug. 25
3:30-5:00 p.m.

Jazz Syndicate

The dictionary defines syndicate as "a group of individuals combined to promote a common interest." And upon hearing the word some might be reminded of old gangster films in which people, when notified of an impending visit from “the syndicate,” would try to brace for whatever was about to come.

We can tell you this: when this group of individuals known as the “Jazz Syndicate” made their first visit in 2017 they definitely showed up blazing and the capacity crowd was amazed.

Led by drummer (and familiar Fusion face) Quinous Johnson, “Jazz Syndicate” will be returning on August 25th and “This time they have even more firepower” says Raphael, explaining ”Quinous tells me the group will have him (on drums) with keyboardist John Alford, and two – that’s right – TWO basses (Dale Morris and Johnny Hubbard). And they have a brand new addition, saxophonist Bobby Connor." Raphael added, "They had me at two basses!:"

People are still talking about the group’s first appearance and have asked when they would return, so here they come! If the presence of two bassists weren’t enough to set this group apart, their repertoire certainly is, with selections ranging from jazz standards to tunes by Weather Report and Chick Corea, performed with their own distinctive touch.

It’s no surprise that “Q” would have outstanding players performing with him, having himself performed with jazz greats Milt Hinton, Delfeayo Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson and Mike Stearn to name just a few.

So... like in the aforementioned old mob movies, here’s the word on the street: The "Jazz Syndicate" is coming to Fusion August 25th led by "Q" the "Heavy Hitter from Hollandale." Tell everyone you know they BETTER NOT miss it because you DO NOT want to disappoint "the (Jazz) Syndicate." Got it? Make plans now!

We recommend arriving early for best seating. And enjoy the best coffee in the Metro and some authentic Italian gelato when the Jazz Spot gets hot Also please note we now have ONE continuous show beginning at 3:30 pm and ending at 5. Thank you for your support.

The 12th annual Jazz Festival was a huge success!

Thank you to all those who made this year's festival our best yet!

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