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Next Jazz Session
This Sunday
Sept. 22, 2019
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Special BIRTHDAY Session with the Raphael Semmes Jazz Quartet

This Sunday on the "Jazz Spot" will be "A Tale of Two Birthdays." As usual, there will be music. Lots and lots of music by the Raphael Semmes Jazz Quartet (as seen at Hal and Mal's on Tuesday evenings). But your musical host Raphael Semmes will find himself in slightly different territory on the "Jazz Spot" this month because the tables will be turned. He will be the subject of the September interview and there will be some "surprise" interviewers asking the questions. (Wait until you see who!)

And you, our loyal "Fusion" audience, will have the opportunity to ask him questions as well about music, influences, inspirations, the origins of the "Fusion Coffeehouse Jazz Series" and how it works... whatever you want to ask. (Of course, answers are not guaranteed!) So there will be some lively talk on the "Jazz Spot," but mostly there will be music from Knight Bruce, Todd Bobo and Quinous Johnson – and most likely some surprise guests coming by to play a tune or two.

As for the aforementioned "Tale of Two Birthdays" you'll just have to come by to find out what it's all about but... SPOILER ALERT: One of the two birthdays deals with an event and the other is the birthday of someone on the "Jazz Spot" (this month's interviewee perhaps???).

Come and see! And hear! It will be great fun. Admission is free as always. And only your presence is requested (no presents,p lease).

It's not required but if you'd like you CAN bring a CANNED (or boxed) food item or two to put in our "Jazz Barrel" and they will be donated to a local charity. (Let's fill that barrel up!).

Please tell your friends and all music lovers to come be part of a great September Sunday of live jazz and the best coffee in the Metro.

Early arrival recommended for best seating.There is one continuous show from 3:30 until 5 PM.

The 12th annual Jazz Festival was a huge success!

Thank you to all those who made this year's festival our best yet!

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